Code of Conduct

Any posts that go against our Code of Conduct will be flagged for administrator review before being posted to the community. Users who violate the Code of Conduct will be suspended and unable to create new posts or help tickets. Suspended users will need to contact the administrators if they believe they were suspended in error.

Remember, this is a public board. Anyone can create a Zendesk account and post to the Roger community. Do not post anything illegal or copyrighted. Users should also refrain from posting any commercially sensitive, strategic, or confidential or proprietary business information. Users should also refrain from engaging in discussions regarding pricing, fees, rates, or anything related to anti-competitive actions.

Additionally, any user posts made to the Roger Community reflect the views and opinions of the poster and not of Roger. Unless a post is created by a Roger administrator, the information contained within the community has not been vetted by a Roger employee and should not be taken as advice from the Roger team. Roger reserves the right to review and update this code of conduct as the community grows.

You may be permanently suspended if you violate either of the following rules:

  • Be respectful. Hate speech, discrimination, bullying, harassment, threats of violence, or posts that violate any applicable laws will not be tolerated.
  • Stay on topic. Pick the board that most closely matches your discussion point. If you need help but can’t figure out where to post, the General Help topic is your best bet. The Roger Community is not a place for spam, non-industry discussion/promotion, or discussion of internal business practices that may be considered confidential, proprietary, or possibly violate federal or state antitrust laws.


Roger welcomes suggestions, comments or other feedback about the Roger DFE® (Digital Freight Ecosystem) and your user experience with the Roger DFE®, as well as any bug-fixes, features, functionality or enhancements you would like to see in future versions of the platform ("Feedback"). You agree that all Feedback is and will be given entirely voluntarily and, even if designated as confidential, will not create any confidentiality obligations for Roger. If you provide Feedback to Roger, you grant to Roger all legal right, title and interest in the Feedback. Roger may use, disclose and exploit such Feedback without restriction or any obligation to account to you.





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