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With the 3.7 release, Roger has enhanced the user's tab functionality. Administrators can now more easily manage active and pending users and their assigned roles.

  • Updated Users Tab (3.7 Release).
  • User Roles.

This article will provide an overview of the updated Users Tab (3.7 Release) along with a breakdown of the different roles.

Updated Users Tab

  1. Go to the Users tab. This tab displays all active and pending users. mceclip1.png
  2. In the search bar, you can search by name, role, email address, or phone number
  3. You can also sort by clicking on the up or down arrow next to name, role, email address, or phone number. In the image below, the tab is sorted by role. mceclip3.png
  4. As a Shipper Administrator, if you need to edit a user's role, click on the pencil on the far right of their account entry. mceclip5.png
  5. As a Shipper Administrator, if you need to remove a user, click on the recycle bin on the far right of their account entry. mceclip6.png
  6. You will not be able to edit your account or the login information associated with another user's account. The user will need to update their phone number and/or email address themselves.
  7. To add a new user, click on the green Add User button.mceclip1.png
  8. Fill out name, phone number, and/or email address, and select their role.mceclip7.png
  9. Invite links are good for 30 days. If you need to resend or cancel an invite, click on the Invites Sent tab.
  10. You can then click on the X to cancel an invite. mceclip8.png
  11. Or click on the arrow to resend the invite. mceclip9.png



  • For a full list of all rolls Roger offers, click here.


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