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Apps: Web

App Version: 3.8


  • How to Create Groups.
  • How to Post Opportunities for a Group or Groups.

As a Shipper User, I would like to create Groups of Carriers that I frequently work with. This article will outline how to create and use Groups.

How to Create Groups

  1. When logged into Interchange, navigate to the Groups tab.
  2. Click on New Group.
  3. Name the Group.
  4. Select the Carriers you would like to add to the Group.
  5. You can also edit or delete the Group later.
  6. You can create as many Groups as you would like, and you can use and edit Groups created by other users in your organization.


How to Post Opportunities for a Group or Groups


  1. When creating an Opportunity, you can post to a Group or Groups by switching from Public to Private.
  2. Scroll down and you will see the Groups created across your company.
  3. The number next to the icon shows how many Carriers are in the Group.
  4. You can select one or multiple Groups. After selecting, the Carriers will be broken out for your review.



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