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Apps: Web

App Version: 3.9


  • How to turn on or off notifications for in-network opportunities.
  • How to manage notifications by area of interest.

As a Shipper, I would like to establish one or multiple Interchange notifications for areas of interest, or I would like to turn on/off notifications for in-network opportunities.

Turn on/off Notifications for in-Network Deals

  1. Navigate to Interchange.1.gif
  2. To turn on or off notifications for new opportunites, select the drop-down under your name at the top right of your screen and click on Manage Notifications.
  3. The option on the next screen allows you to select if you want notifications or not. Check the box to receive notifications.

Please note that in network includes any Carriers that you are already connected with.

Manage Notifications by Area of Interest

  1. Select the drop-down icon located at the top right of your screen and click on Manage Notifications.step_1.gif
  2. In the section labeled "A new Lane", fill out the geographical data for the area you would like to receive notifications for. 
  3. You can add as many areas as you would like by clicking Add New Lane.
  4. If you click the checkbox for In-Network Contacts Only, you will only receive notifications for those areas if a Carrier you are already connected with creates a new opportunity.



  • Some notifications will auto-default to On
  • Your Origin and Destination can be as specific as a physical address or as wide as a state. 
  • The last two notification options allow you to receive notifications for Interchange similar to ones you have already booked and/or executed and are not tied to in-network connections.
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