How to Cancel, View, and Redispatch Loads


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App Version: 3.8


  • Steps to Cancel, View, and Redispatch Loads.

As a Shipper, I would like to cancel a dispatched load and redispatch it to another Carrier without creating a new load.

This guide will walk through how to cancel a load, where to view cancelled loads, and two ways to redispatch loads. 

Cancel and View Cancelled Loads

  1. Once logged onto Roger via web, select the load you wish to cancel and select Cancel Load.Step_1.gif
  2. Cancelled loads will move from your Open tab to your Cancelled tab.


Cancel and Redispatch a Load

  1. Select the load you wish to Cancel and redispatch.
  2. Click on Cancel Load.
  3. Click Redispatch this load to a new Carrier.
  4. Select the Carrier you want to dispatch this load to and click Continue.

Note: This will automatically remove this load from the original Carrier and place it within their Cancelled tab. The redispatched load will then be sent to the new Carrier.Step_3.gif


Redispatch Cancelled Loads via the Cancelled tab

    1. After you have canceled a load from within your Open tab, go to your Cancelled tab.
    2. Select the load you want redispatch
    3. Click on the Redispatch tab and select the new Carrier followed by Done.

Note: The redispatched load will then be sent to the new Carrier.Step_4.gif


  • Carriers, Drivers, and Restricted Hauls users cannot cancel loads.
  • Only loads in Open status can be cancelled.
  • Loads with associated tracking can be cancelled. If the load was in progress, the load tracking will change to Stopped status.
  • Cancelled loads will retain all data associated with that load (change tracking, images, etc.); however, only Carrier and Shipper users can view cancelled Loads.
  • Cancelled loads can be duplicated and exported.
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