Who is myCOI?



This article explains myCOI in relation to Roger onRamp.

Who is myCOI? myCOI is an industry leader in Certificate of Insurance Tracking and Management. They communicate directly with agents, keeping compliance true-to-source. 

myCOI is responsible for tracking and verifying that your certificate of insurance meets the requirements specified in your agreement with the shipper.

myCOI will work directly with your insurance agent to obtain a compliant certificate but will not dictate policy terms. It is your Insurance Agent’s responsibility to talk to you if your policy needs to be amended.

What does myCOI do? Carriers will sign up with myCOI and link their insurance agents' information so myCOI can directly communicate with the insurance agent. Expiration and renewal dates will automatically be provided to Roger onRamp by the insurance agent.

For further more information, please visit https://mycoitracking.com/

How does this affect you?

·  You will no longer provide a Certificate of Insurance directly to your shippers.

·  All certificates going forward, including renewals, will be provided to myCOI directly through your insurance agent by using the myCOI Agent Portal.

·  If your insurance agent fails to respond to communication coming from myCOI, you will be notified via email. If this occurs, please work with your insurance agent to address any issues.

·  It is your responsibility to inform myCOI of any changes to your insurance agent and/or their contact information.

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