How Roger Maintains Your Insurance Information


Apps: Web

App Version: 3.8


onRamp works directly with myCOI and your insurance agent to store and monitor your insurance information so that you remain in compliance hassle-free.

 At no point does myCOI or Roger have any ability to change your insurance information.

  • Via onRamp, you can register for myCOI. You can read more about myCOI here.
  • Once registered, myCOI will contact your insurance agent to receive a read-only copy of your Certificate of Insurance.
    • Insurance agents cannot change anything without written or verbal permission from the insured. The myCOI authorization allows for the read-only copy.
  • Once myCOI has reviewed the Certificate of Insurance, onRamp will reflect your status (compliant or non-compliant with Shipper requirements) and insurance expiration date. This will be viewable by your Shipper connections.
  • If your insurance reflects as non-compliant, you can request additional details via onRamp.
  • If anything changes about your insurance, you can request myCOI to re-verify your status via onRamp.
  • Thirty days before expiration, myCOI will notify you and your agent.
    • Once your insurance is renewed, the insurance agent will inform myCOI of the new expiration date, and that date will be reflected in onRamp for your Shipper connections to view.
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