How to Register for Roger via onRamp


Apps: Web

App Version: 3.8


The information the Carrier user adds to sign up for onRamp will automatically be used and stored on their Roger profile.

This guide will walk through creating a new account and connecting with Shippers.

  1. Head to onRamp.
  2. Click on Register New Account.Step_1.gif
  3. Input your cell-phone number in the field provided.
    • Note: A four-digit confirmation code will be sent to the number you provided.Step_3.JPG
  4. Input your full name.Step_2.JPG
  5. Enter the email address and password you wish to use for onRamp.Step_4.gif
  6. Input your DOT or MC number.
    • Verify the correct data and click on I verify that this is the correct carrier.
    • Some Carriers do not have a DOT or MC number. Should this be the case, simply click on I Don't Have a DOT or MC number.  Step_6.gifStep_8.gif
  7. Read through the Roger LLC, Carrier Terms of Service. Once this is done, Carriers can check I have read and agree to the terms and conditions and click on Create Account.
    • New Carriers will then be taken to the dashboard where they will be prompted to make a Shipper connection, update or complete their personal or company information, and connect their insurance agent through myCOI.
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