Why join onRamp?



Roger onRamp provides an innovative compliance platform combined with the ability to make and maintain business connections between Shippers and Carriers.

Roger onRamp partners with myCOI, a unique compliance tracking system, and is responsible for tracking and verifying your insurance qualifications, W-9 verification, and that your Certificate of Insurance meets the requirements specified in your contract agreement with your Shipper(s).

Benefits of onRamp:

onRamp Feature Business Benefit

Standardized insurance requirements. 

If you meet the requirements for one shipper, you meet them for all shippers within the same network. 

Access to all shippers within the Roger network. 

Request connections to new shippers within the same network for which you have already met compliance requirements. 
Compliance tracking system.  Stores and monitors your insurance information.
Direct communication with your insurance agent.  Roger onRamp works directly with your agent on compliance documents. 

Automatic notification of COI renewals.

Proactive monitoring and notifying your agent when renewals are approaching.

Other Key Features:

  • No longer need to provide a Certificate of Insurance each year directly to your Shipper(s).
  • All certificates and documents, including renewals, will automatically be provided to Roger onRamp by your insurance agent.
  • If your insurance agent fails to respond to communication coming from Roger onRamp, you will be notified via email.
  • It is your responsibility to provide any changes to your insurance agent and/or their contact information. All changes can quickly and easily be completed through your Roger onRamp profile.
  • You will receive an auto-notification from onRamp any time your FMCSA safety rating changes.
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