My Company Feature


Apps: Web, iOS, Android

App Version: 2.6.2


  • How the My Company feature works within Deals.

As a Carrier, I would like other Carrier users from my company to view and respond to Deals on behalf of other Carrier users.

This article will explain how the My Company feature works.

My Company

  1. To activate Deals by your company, select More.
  2. Toggle the My Company filter on.
  3. You will now see any Deals available to your company as well as posted by your company.


  4. If another user from your company has interacted with or posted a Deal, you can go into that Deal to respond on their behalf. This is useful if that user is on vacation.


  1. Taco Carrier posted a Deal. With Taco Carrier on vacation, a Carrier user within the same company can respond for Taco Carrier. This is indicated by You (for Taco Carrier).
  2. On the Shipper's end, they will see User Name (for Taco Carrier).
  3. Once Taco Carrier logs back in, they will see Tacoma Carrier (for You) for any responses that were sent while they were out of the office.
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