Manually Synchronize Loads

 Drivers (Full/Limited) and Carriers

Apps: iOS, Android 

App Version: 3.8



  • How to Manually Synchronize Loads.

My submitted loads are showing in Open status for the Shipper, but on my app the loads reflect in Submitted status.

Manually Synchronize Loads



  1. Go to the Loads tab.
  2. Before submitting the loads, please ensure that you are in a good network area.
  3. Once you submit the loads, they should move from Open to Submitted.
  4. To ensure that the loads correctly show as Submitted, sync the data manually by pulling the load list screen down.
  5. Wait a few seconds. 
  6. You can also look for the image thumbnail indicator. If the image thumbnail does not show a green cloud (which means synch completed), try to manually refresh again.


  • Please ensure that you are connected to Wi-Fi or have good network connectivity.
  • The synchronization process takes a little longer sometimes when there is low bandwidth.
  • It is best practice to not immediately close the Roger app once hitting submit on your loads. The loads will need at least thirty seconds, sometimes longer depending on connectivity, to sync with the Roger database.
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