Update Roger Application

 Carriers and Drivers (Full and Limited)

Apps: iOS, Android

Version: 3.8



  • Steps to check if your application is up-to-date.
  • How to update your application to the latest version.

As a Mobile User, I would like to check for updates and update my Roger application.

This guide will walk you through checking for application updates and applying those updates.


While this guide will be useful for most users, there may be some differences based on your device.

iOS Android


Manually Updating:

  1. Open the App Store. appstore_icon.png
  2. Click on the profile icon in the top right corner. profile_icon.png
  3. Scroll down to view pending updates along with release notes. If Roger has an update, the Roger icon will appear on this list. roger_icon.png
  4. Select either Update All to update all applications, or Update to the right of the

    roger_icon.png Roger icon.

Enabling Auto-Updates:

  1. Go to Settings. settings_gear.png
  2. Select App Store.
  3. Toggle App Updates to enable auto-updates for applications.


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