Track Load

 Shippers, Carriers, Driver (Full and Limited)

 Apps: Web, iOS, Android App Version: 2.0


  • Only Drivers (Carrier/Driver Full or Limited) can “Start Load from the Load List, Load Details, and the Map in Roger mobile application.
  • Drivers, Carriers, and Shippers can see the truck route and track it on the map view.
  • Active loads will display ETA and updated Trip Status.

As a Carrier, Shipper I would like to track every load, see their real-time status, and get updated ETA when they are hauled by drivers.

This guide will introduce you to the feature of starting load, tracking it, and getting their ETA and updated status.

Start and Track a Load

Web(Carrier/Shipper) Mobile(Carrier/Driver)
  1. Once you assign a load to the driver he should be able to get it on his mobile app. 
  2. Upon receiving the load on the mobile app, the driver will a 'Start Load' button on the load card.
  3. Once the driver taps on 'Start Load' on his mobile app, you will see the map with Origin and Destination pins and a route plotted from trucker's location to Origin with blue dotted polylines and from Origin to Destination with a solid blue line and load status will change from Assigned to In-Transit.mceclip0.png
  4. As the load progresses, the load will appear as a grey truck moving on the map with an ETA (estimated time of arrival) to the Origin. mceclip0.png
  5. Once the load reaches the Origin, the truck icon will change color from grey to green. The route will go to displaying solid blue lines instead of dotted blue lines. blobid1.png
  6. When the truck departs the Origin, the green truck icon will move across the route. The status will update with the ETA to Destination.                                                                                                      mceclip6.png
  7. Upon reaching the Destination, the green truck icon will disappear. The route from Origin to Destination remains on the screen with load status and time stamps on it.



  • Start Load will only be displayed when origin and destination are geo coded and load is assigned to you (Carrier/Driver) to haul.
  • Time stamp with status update will be displayed on Load Status in both mobile and web.
  • Upon reaching destination, the load will stop tracking and truck will disappear from map on both web and mobile.  After completion, load will still show the route from origin to destination.
  • Completed historical Loads with geo coded address will show route between origin and destination on map view.
  • ETA is subject to change depending on traffic, route or delays on the way.
  • Drivers can only haul one load at a time, if he taps 'Start Load' on another load other than the one he is currently on, he will get a warning and if he overrides it and starts, his current load will be stopped. 



Follow these simple tips to know more about this feature

  • To track a load, ensure that the Origin and Destination addresses are geo coded.
  • Geo coded Origin and Destination fields will have this icon mceclip1.png.
  • Driver must tap on 'Start Load' to start load tracking.
  • In case you are not able to see driver on the map, then he must have gone offline due to poor network, he will start showing once he connects back.
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