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 Carriers, Drivers

Apps: iOS

App Version: 3.8


  • This article will help iOS users Carriers/Drivers troubleshoot image synchronization errors.

As a Carrier or Driver, I want to see an indicator on the mobile application if a captured image has failed to sync with the Roger database.


Image Sync Troubleshooting

  1. Make sure you are in an area with good network coverage and/or connected to Wi-Fi while capturing the tickets and submitting loads.
  2. When you capture the images on your device, look for a green cloud on your ticket thumbnails.
  3. Do not submit loads unless you see a green cloud image on the captured image thumbnails.mceclip0.png


Load Card Indicator

Upon completing a load and updating the load details, if you see a Red Camera Icon on the Load Card, please Do Not Submit the load for payment. The red camera indicator means that there are one or more images which have yet to sync or upload to the database. This can be caused by Bad Connectivity or Low Bandwidth. Please see pictures below.





If the red camera icon persists, please try to resubmit your loads in an area with better connectivity.


Trigger Manual Sync

You will see a Green Camera Button on the Load List Page that will allow you to trigger a manual sync. 

You will also see a number badge on the Green Camera Button. This number represents the number of images that failed to sync.




Tap on the Green Camera Button to force a sync. You will see a pop-up showing the progress for syncing images.

You can tap Cancel to stop this action.




When the sync process is complete, you will get a pop-up displaying the results. If one or more images still didn’t sync, you will receive an error message saying why the sync failed. 





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