Stop a Load

 Carriers/Drivers (Full and Limited)

 Apps: Web, iOS, Android App Version: 1.7.3


  • This new feature allows carriers and drivers to stop an active load from the mobile application.
  • The Stop Load feature is introduced keeping different scenarios in mind that will help users while using Roger application. For instance, If a truck breaks down and cannot move, he can stop the load and carrier can change the driver or driver gets the load in error he can stop the load or if the driver and many more scenarios like this can be handled efficiently with Stop Load functionality in Roger application.

Stop a Load

About: This new feature allows you to stop an active load.

Users, Apps and App version: This article is for Carriers/Drivers (Full and Limited) and applies to both Web and Mobile users. 

Context: I want to have an option to Stop Load in the Loads Card list, Load details and in map load details screen to stop the load using Roger mobile application.

Stopping a Load

      • Carrier/Driver user launches the Roger mobile app and signs in.
      • Carrier/Driver Users Starts the Load for the each assigned loads where the origin and destination have latitude & longitude geo-coordinates.
      • In order to Stop Load, Carrier/Driver taps the ‘Stop Load’ button for the active load and gets a message stating, “Are you sure you want to stop load tracking for this load?”  If the user clicks OK, it will stop the active load
      • Once the assigned or active load is stopped, it will show as 'Stopped' on the mobile app on different screens like Load list screen, Load details screen, Map screen, Stop Load card .
      • On Stop Load Card, it shows the exact time and date when the load was stopped.
      • The Stopped load information can also be seen on the web application by Carrier admins and or Shipper admins 
      • On web application, this information can be seen on 'Load Details' screen on the load status card with time and date stamp when the load was stopped.


  • This feature is available on mobile application for a carrier or driver user (full and limited both).
  • Drivers will see the “Stop Load” button option only for the Active loads where the Origin and Destinations have latitude and longitude geo coordinates.
  • The “Stop Load” button option will be enabled only after tapping the “Start Load” button. (In-Transit)  
  • After tapping the “Start Load” option, the “Stop Load” button will be shown only in the ‘In-Transit’, ‘Arrived at Origin’, ‘Departed from Origin’ statuses. 
  • The load will be stopped automatically upon arriving at destination.
  • When the user captures the Destination weight the load will be stopped.
  • When the user captures the Destination image the load will be stopped.
  • The current load will be stopped when the user start next load.
  • Once the load is stopped, it cannot be resumed or restarted.
  • The load can no longer be tracked once Stopped.

Stop Load - Mobile and Web

  • About: This new feature allows you to stop an active load from your mobile app.
Web Mobile
  1. An active loads, though can only be stopped via mobile application, yet command center users can also view the same info on the web application

  2. Once the Carrier/Driver user stops his active load from the mobile app, it will show the information on web - Load Details screen in real time with time stamp and date on it.mceclip0.png
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