Stop a Load

 Carriers/Drivers (Full and Limited)

Apps: iOS, Android, Web

App Version: 3.8



  • This feature allows Carriers and Drivers to stop an active load from the mobile application.
  • Reasons you might click Stop Load include: if a truck breaks down, driver gets the load in error, the load needs to be returned to the Shipper, etc.


Stop Load - Mobile

As a Carrier/Driver user, I want to stop a load on the mobile application.

      1. To Stop Load, the Carrier/Driver taps the Stop Load button for the active load.blobid0.png
      2. Roger will ask: Are you sure you want to stop load tracking for this load? If the user clicks OK, it will stop the active load
      3. The Stopped load information can be seen on the web application by Carrier users and Shipper users.


  • The app will automatically stop the load upon arriving at the destination.
  • When the user captures the destination weight or destination image, the load will be stopped.
  • An active load will be stopped if the user clicks Start Load on a new load.
    • Roger will ask: You are currently hauling another load. Starting this load will stop tracking on the other load. If the user clicks OK, it will stop the active load.
  • Once the load is stopped, it cannot be resumed or restarted.
  • The load can no longer be tracked once stopped.


Stop Load - Web

  1. Though an active load can only be stopped via mobile application, command center users can view the stop load details.

  2. Once the Carrier/Driver user stops their active load from the mobile app, it will show the information on web - Load Details screen in real time with a timestamp.
  3. The Carrier can then Decline the load to return the load to the Shipper.mceclip0.png
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