Geolocation - Look up Origin and Destination on the map.

 Carriers/Drivers (Full and Limited)

 Apps: Web, iOS, Android App Version: 1.7.3


  • This new feature allows you to search and add the new origin and destination  from the predictive search option in web Command Center and mobile application. 

Capture Origin and Destination

Shippers and Carriers may want to add the new origin and destination locations. Using from the predictive search option, the Origin & Destination can be plotted on the map for geocoded addresses.

This guide will help walk you through how to look up and add new Origins and Destinations.

  • Look Up Origin and Destination
      • Log into the Roger application (Web or Mobile) click ‘Add New Load’ button to create a load. 
      • In the Load creation page you will see the ‘Origin’ & ‘Destination’ text fields. 


  • This feature will only display geocoded addresses on the map for both web and mobile.

Capture Origin and Destination

  • About: This new feature allows you to be able to search and add the new origin and destination location from the predictive search option in Command Center and Mobile application. Web and Mobile tabs
Web Mobile


  1. Click the ‘Origin’ or ’Destination’ field, and start typing the location name using predictive search, the application will show results based on what you type.

  2. If the site is not available in Roger's or Google's database then you can save the location as a “New Origin” or “New Destination”.blobid2.pngblobid1.png
  3. After clicking “New Origin” or “New Destination”, the map will automatically open placing your respective pins at the center of the map. 
  4. You can drag and drop the Origin/Destination pin on the map to set the new Origin/Destination location.
  5. You should be able to see the Newly Added Origin/Destination (Only with Geocoded addresses) pins on the map before saving the load details.
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