Instant Messaging

 Shipper, Carrier, Driver (Full/Limited)

Apps: Web, iOS, Android

App Version: 3.8

I want to chat with other users within my network without leaving Roger.


  • Instant Messaging for the Web application.
  • Instant Messaging for the Mobile application.

This article will show you how to send messages, view message timestamps, and see notifications for unread messages.


Web Mobile
  1. Tap on the Chats icon on the bottom right of the screen to launch the Chat window.
  2. When launched for the first time, the Chat window will have a New Chat icon on the top right and will say No Channels Found.
  3. Click on New Chat to search for one or more members in your network.


Invite More Participants to Existing Chat


  1. You can add one or more members to an existing chat by clicking on the (i) icon on the top right of the Chat window.
  2. Click on Members to view the list of current participants and then click on Invite Users.


  • You will see all chats in a single list, listed in chronological order with newest on top.

  • If you are a Shipper Admin/Shipper User, you can start a chat with anyone within your shipper organization as well as with carrier managers of all carrier entities connected to your shippers.
  • If you are a Carrier, you can also start a chat with anyone in your carrier organization along with all shipper admins/shipper users of all shipper entities connected to your carrier.
  • The Drivers (Full/Limited) can also start a chat with anyone in their carrier organization.
  • You can invite one or more users or get invited to one or more chats by different users.
  • You can add media in messages such as images, videos, and emoticons.

  • You can turn Chat Notifications On/Off through the Notifications settings menu.
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