Bulk Edit Loads with Shipper Custom Fields


Apps: Web 

App Version: 3.8



  • How to Bulk Edit Loads with Shipper Custom Fields.

As a Shipper, I would like to edit multiple loads simultaneously, including custom fields.

This guide will walk through how to edit multiple loads.


Bulk Edit Loads and Shipper's Custom Fields 

  1. Find the loads that need to be edited under the Loads tab.
  2. Use the Green Checkbox to highlight all relevant loads and select the Edit button on the top left of the screen.mceclip0.png  
  3. All the fields highlighted in red below are available to all Shipper users and can be bulk edited.Bulkeditcore.PNG
  4. If you have set up Custom fields, you can bulk edit them by scrolling down on the Edit screen. BulkLoadShipperCustomFields.PNG
  5. Click Save in the upper right to save your updates. 
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