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  • Send Loads to Accounting System
  • Processing Indicator and Processed Time columns

Roger allows Shippers to integrate their accounting systems for settlement and payment of loads. One of the major benefits is to not manually enter the load information into an accounting system. I have the ability to click on a button and send loads from Roger to my accounting system.

This article only applies to Shippers that have integrated their accounting systems with Roger. 


Send Loads to Accounting System


  1. Login to the Roger web command center and go to the Loads tab
  2. Use the checkboxes to select which Submitted or Approved load(s) to send to the accounting system
  3. Add/edit load form path check if button shows up the same
  4. Once selected, a Post to Accounting button will show up on the top right of the screen. Note: this Button will display on the add/edit load form if load is in Submitted or Approved status
  5. Click the button to send the loads to the accounting system

Posting Status and Posted Date/Time

Two important columns that are related to accounting integration are the Posting Status column and the Posted Date/Time column. 

Posting Indicator column shows the status of the accounting integration. It has the following three statuses:

  • Processing - the integration process is in flight, hasn’t completed yet but hasn’t returned a failure status. Hovering over icon shows “Processing”
  • Processed - integration process has been completed successfully without errors, hovering the icon over shows date and time complete 
  • Failed - integration process did not complete, hovering over the icon shows “Process Failed and date and time of failure


Posted Date/Time: shows date and time the accounting integration process completed for the load

These columns are only visible to the Shippers and Global Admins. The posting indicator and posted at columns are sortable and filterable.  


  • Post to Accounting Button will be active when all the selected loads in Submitted or Approved status only. You may post loads from multiple carriers with a single button click. Loads can be submitted multiple times, the subsequent posting of the same load applies the most recent load information into the accounting system (check intermediate file format, UAT). Clicking on the Post to Accounting button, when adding or editing a single load, will save any pending changes to that load but will not close the form. (Chase Down Notification)

  • (INTERNAL) Initial state of Posting Indicator is false. Load(s) successful submission from Roger to shipper accounting system successful turns flag to true. Failed submission returns failed notification with reason to user that initiated submission action. Successful submission records log of date, time, and user. Shipper users have access to view log at load level.
  • Both Processing Indicator and Processed Time columns are sortable and filterable. Processed time column will only be filterable by date in the text-entry filters and will show times in the itemized filter (Check this in UAT)

  •  If the load has been posted, the Add/Edit Load form will display Posted At 

  • (INTERNAL)This will show the user if/when the load has already been sent to the accounting system. Processed date/time shows status and date/time for posting success, posting in progress and posting failed. If the load has not been sent to the accounting system, the Processed Time will not display.

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