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Apps: Web, iOS, Android 

App Version: 3.8



  • Submit Loads to a Roger Shipper on Mobile and Web.

I want to submit a load to a Roger Shipper. This article is only for submitting loads to On-Platform Roger Shippers

An Off-Platform Shipper is a shipper that has not yet joined the Roger community. If you have an off-platform shipper, please encourage the shipper to contact Roger customer service and join the platform. 

Click here to learn how to generate invoices for Off-Platform Shippers.


  • Ensure your loads are ready to submit.  These Items are required to submit.
    • Load Date
    • Shipper
    • Shipper Contact
    • Commodity
    • Origin & Destination
    • Carrier
    • Driver
    • Rate
    • Rate Unit of Measure (UoM)
    • Net Origin and/or Destination weight: This will be based on the Governing Weight indicated by a $.  (Normally the Destination weight is only required but talk to your shipper for clarification.)


Submitting Loads

Web  Mobile


  1. Go to the Open Loads tab.
  2. Any load that is ready to submit to a shipper will have the green Ready to Submit icon. Note: For a load to be ready to submit all required fields need to be completed. If fields are missing the ready to submit icon will be grey. Hover over the grey icon to see what fields are missing. 
  3. To Submit, click on the associated checkbox for the load and click the Submit Load button at the top right of the screen. Note: Multiple loads can be submitted but the loads have to be for the same shipper. 
  4. These loads will now move to the Submitted Loads tab.




  • To learn how to add an Off-Platform Shipper Click Here.
  • A Roger Shipper will have the following Icon (mceclip4.png). Off-Platform Shippers do not have a designated icon.
  • On Mobile, once a load is selected, it limits the view to only other ready to Submit Loads for the same Shipper. The X at the top left cancels the selection. The name of the Shipper is displayed at the top of the screen.
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