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 Shippers, Carriers

Apps: Web, Mobile

App Version: 3.8


  • How to View Change History.
  • Reasons Change History resets.
  • Fields not Eligible for Change History.

I want to track changes made by Shippers, Carriers, and Drivers across the life cycle of a load.



  • Change History is not visible to Drivers.
  • An exclamation symbol indicates mceclip0.png a user has changed information in a field.

How to View Change History


  1. You can hover over the exclamation symbol mceclip0.pngto view the change.
  2. Additionally, you can select the load and click Edit to view the entire Change History.

Reasons Change History Resets

  • If a Load is declined by the Carrier, the change history will reset.

Fields Not Eligible for Change History

All non-custom fields are eligible for change tracking except:

  • Status
  • Secondary Status (Driver Submitted)
  • Number of Loads
  • Declined
  • Carrier
  • Images
  • Amount
  • Shipper
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