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  • Handling Returned Loads 

The Shipper may find errors in my submission of a load, like blurry images or an incorrect scale ticket. The Shipper will Return the load back to me, with a message, to resolve the issues and re-submit the load. They will not be able to approve or pay the load(s) until the issue is resolved and the load is re-submitted. 

This guide will walk through how to handle Returned loads. 


Handling Returned Loads



  1. Login to the Roger web command center and go to the Loads tab
  2. Returned Loads will show up in the Open Loads view 
  3. Find the Returned load and click Edit (Tip: use Filters on the Status field to find Returned Loads)
  4. Review the Return Message to understand the issue
    • Driver on the Mobile app will see a returned load with a red returned banner. If Driver needs to make any updates, the Carrier can contact the driver to get the issue the resolved
    • If the Driver makes the changes and re-submits the load, the load will still be present on the Carrier's Open Loads tab, in Returned status with the Driver Submitted Icon  mceclip0.png. The driver cannot directly submit to the Shipper. 
  5. Make the necessary Edits (e.g. new scale ticket images, correct weights)
  6. Click on Re-submit Load to send the load back to the Shipper for review. 



  • Once a load is re-submitted, the load will move to the Submitted loads tab
  • Returned loads will show up at the top of the Open Loads Mobile view
  • On Mobile, if notifications are turned On, then Carriers and Drivers will get a notification that a load was Returned
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