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 Apps: iOS, Android App Version: 1.4.3


  • Load card layout
  • Load sort order
  • Field descriptions

Roger allows Carriers to quickly glance at load cards on the mobile app and see summary information. 

Load Card Layout

See below on how the load card is organized 

mceclip1.pngIf fields are not available or are blank, then the default description of the fields will be shown. Here is a sample of a blank load card:


If the load has been Returned, a red Returned bar will appear above the load card


If a load is ready to submit for payment to an on-platform Roger Shipper, a green Submit for Payment bar will appear below the load card. 


For Generating an Invoice for an off-platform Roger Shipper, follow the instructions here


  • The Dispatched indicator is only for loads that have been dispatched to Carriers from an on-platform Roger Shipper. 
  • The Change Tracking icon indicates that a field or fields have been changed for that load. To learn more about change tracking click here
  • The Load Progress Bar displays how much required information has been entered out of the total required information for load submission. The Carrier progress bar has up to 11 dark green segments, Driver Full has 8, Driver Limited has 6. Each segment represents a piece of required information. 
  • The Load Identifier displays a selected optional load identifying number to help the Carrier and Shipper easily refer to that specific load. Roger makes a choice on which number to display as the Load Identifier based on industry practices for the type of number most commonly used by carriers and shippers to refer to a load. Roger selects the first number from the below list that has a value as the load's Load Identifier
    1. Load #
    2. Unload #
    3. PO #
    4. Destination Scale Ticket  #
    5. Origin Scale Ticket Number #
    6. BOL #
  • If I as a Carrier manage multiple Carrier entities then each load card will display the Carrier Name at the top of the card.

Load Sort Order

Loads are sorted differently on each tab (Open, Submitted, Paid

Open Loads Tab

  • Returned loads show up at the top of the screen oldest to newest. The reason is that these loads have issues that need to be resolved quickly for the Shipper
  • Loads that are ready to Submit for Payment/ Generate Invoice show up next, in the order of oldest to newest. The reason for this order is to facilitate faster approval and payment
  • All other Open loads are displayed sorted oldest to newest 

Submitted tab : Loads are sorted newest to oldest

Paid tab: Loads are sorted newest to oldest

On all tabs if the dates are the same for a load, then the loads are sorted in the following manner

  • Carrier alphabetically
  • Driver alphabetically
  • Shipper alphabetically

Field Descriptions

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