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  • Steps to submit a load.
  • Required fields.

After completing a load, I would like to submit the load to my Carrier for review. 

Submit Loads


  1. Find the load that needs to be submitted to the Carrier. Note: this can also be a new load that the Driver creates. Click here to learn how to Add a New Load.
  2. The Carrier may have turned on Driver Required Fields. This means that the Driver needs to fill out certain fields before the load can be submitted. See the next section for what fields are required.
    • Driver required fields are annotated with an asterisk *.
  3. Once the Driver has filled in all required information, a green Submit Load button will appear.
  4. Tap the button to submit to the Carrier for review.
  5. Once the load has been submitted, the load will move to the Submitted Loads tab.

Required Fields

  • Origin: The location where the load is being picked up from. You may choose to capture geographic location, customer name, or both.
  • Destination: The location the load will be delivered to. You may choose to capture geographic location, customer name or both.
  • Net Origin Weight or Destination Weight: The recorded weight of the Commodity at the origin or Destination. Defined as gross weight minus tare weight.
  • Origin or Destination Ticket Image: If an Origin or Destination weight (or both) are entered, then image(s) of scale ticket(s) are required to be attached.

For Driver Full users, the following additional fields are required:  

  • Rate: Primary price for determining the total load amount.
  • Rate UoM (Rate Unit of Measure): For example, if the Rate UoM is bushel, the Rate is expressed in $ per bushel (e.g. $0.20/bushel).


  • If Driver Required Fields are On, the Submit Load button is grayed out on the load details screen if the required fields are not complete.
  • The Load Progress Bar on the load card displays how much required information has been entered out of the total required information. The Driver Full progress bar has 8 segments, and Driver Limited has 6. Each segment represents a piece of required information. 
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