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The most efficient use of Roger has every Driver capturing load information (weights and images) necessary to submit to the Shipper. If a Carrier is not ready to have Drivers submit all the necessary information, the Driver Required Fields can be turned off.  Roger's recommended best practice is for every Driver to capture all Load information the same day the load was delivered. 

This guide will walk through how to turn On or Off Driver Required Fields


Turn On or Off Driver Required Fields



  1. Login to the Roger web command center and click on your name and click Settings
  2. At the bottom of the page, click on the radio button to either turn On or Off Driver Required Fields
    • Turning this On, will make drivers complete all required fields prior to submitting the load back to you (See next section on Required Fields)
    • Turning this Off, will allow drivers to submit the load back to the Carrier without filling out any additional information
  3. Click Save, to save the change


Required Fields

Here are the required fields that Drivers need to complete prior to submitting back to the carrier

  • Origin: The location where the load is being picked up from. You may choose to capture geographic location, customer name or both
  • Destination: The location where the load will be delivered to. You may choose to capture geographic location, customer name or both
  • Net Origin Weight or Destination Weight: The recorded weight of the Commodity at the origin or Destination. Defined as gross weight minus tare weight
  • Origin or Destination Ticket Image: If an Origin or Destination weight or both are entered, then image(s) of scale ticket(s) are required to be attached

For Driver Full Profiles, the following additional fields are required:  

  • Rate: primary price for determining the total freight amount
  • Rate UoM (Rate Unit of Measure): Unit in which the Rate is expressed. For example, if the Rate UoM is bushel, the Rate is expressed in $/bushel (e.g. $0.20/bushel)


  • If Driver Required Fields is On, Submit to Carrier button is grayed out for Drivers on the load details screen if the required fields are not complete. 
  • Driver required fields are annotated with a  asterisk (*), if there is no value provided
  • By default, all new carrier entities invited will have the Driver Required Field setting On
  • All carrier entities created prior to 7/16/2020 have the Driver Required Fields setting Off to give Carriers time to evaluate and adjust their Driver load submission processes. Roger recommends all Carriers have Driver Required Fields On
  • Drivers with Roger versions 1.4.0 and Earlier are able to Submit Loads to a Carrier, even if the Carrier has turned the Driver Required Fields setting to on
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