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I want to view and create customized PDFs of my loads to be able to share internally with my colleagues. 


  • PDFs are not considered invoices. There is a note This is a not an invoice on the Cover Page of  page of the PDF. 

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  1. Login to the Roger web command center and go to any of the views (Schedule, Open, Submitted, Approved, Paid) in the Loads tab
  2. Click on the checkbox(es) for the associated loads that the user would like to view a pdf
  3. Click on the View PDF button at the top right of the screen
  4. A window will popup and the user has the option to select Download, Preview or Send to Email the PDF. 
    • Download: downloads the PDF to your computer
    • Preview: opens a PDF in a new tab in the browser 
    • Send to Email: the email can be sent to yourself or multiple email addresses 
    • Note: While waiting for the PDF to be Downloaded or Previewed the user can continue to keep working on the command center and the system will let the user know when the PDF is ready. Send to Email will send an email out immediately.
  5. The window also allows the user to customize the PDF, with the ability to turn On/Off following options. Turning the option off, will result in the section being excluded in the PDF. 
    • Cover Sheet: The overview page showing all the loads and identifying information as well as information that supports calculation of the freight amount
    • Image Headers: Information at the top of each of the load image pages that shows the Invoice #, Ref #, Origin, Destination, Date and Type of Ticket
    • Origin Ticket Images: Images of the scale tickets at the Origin
    • Destination Ticket Images: Images of the scale tickets at the destination
    • Other Images: Images associated with a load (e.g. BOL) 
  6. Click Generate, to generate the invoice, the load will then be moved from the Open loads view to the Submitted view 

PDF Details

The PDFs will be generated in the following format. Note if the user turns off any of these sections then the information will not be displayed. 

The Cover Sheet of the PDF document will be an overview, showing all the loads and identifying information as well as information that supports calculation of the Freight Amount. Loads that are part of the PDF will be listed on this page with an associated Ref #PDF_Details.JPG

The next pages will contain information on the load(s) that were generated as part of the PDF, including the Origin, Destination and Other images that were attached. If there are multiple loads and images attached, there will be a page for each of these associated loads and images. The images show up in following order for each load: origin, destination and other. Note: The Invoice # will be N/A for Schedule or Open Loads. 



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