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Apps: Web App Version: 2.6



  • Sorting a single column
  • Sort additional columns

I would like to sort data in my Roger web command center to better organize and analyze information. 

This guide will walk through how to sort information on the Roger web command center. Sorting can be performed on any of the table views. For example. the Loads Open tab and the Users tab.  


Sort a Single Column


  • To sort a column, click on the column header 
    • Clicking once, sorts the column in Ascending order (Up arrow will be displayed next to the column header)
    • Clicking a second time, sorts the column in Descending order (Down arrow will be displayed next to the column header)
    • Clicking a third time, clears the Sort on the column. Clicking on another column will also clear the Sort


  • Avoid clicking the hamburger mceclip0.png menu (This will open the filters)
  • The sort will be saved, even if the user navigates to another view or page. As an example, the user can have a specific saved sort order for Open loads and a different saved sort order for Paid loads. 

Multi-Level Sort


  • With a sort applied to one column, hold the shift key and click on a second column header to add a second level Sort. This can be repeated for any number of additional columns. Each column is annotated with its sort level (e.g. 1, 2, 3)
    • For example, if Load Date, Commodity and Origin columns are selected as sort levels 1, 2, 3. The data will be sorted on Load Date first, Commodity second and Origin third. 
  • To change the sort order from ascending to descending, shift click the selected column header once 
    • To remove the column from the sort order, shift click again 
  • To clear a multi-level sort, simply click on any column
    • If the clicked column was in the multi-level sort, then that column will move to the next sorting state(Cleared -> Ascending -> Descending)
    • if the clicked column was not in the multi-level sort, then that column becomes a new single column sort in ascending order 
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