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  • How to Export all Loads or a Selection of Loads on Web and Mobile.

As a Shipper or Carrier, I would like to export a set of loads. I can use the Export Loads button to export loads to a .csv or a .xlsx file.

This guide will walk you through exporting loads.

Exporting Loads

Web Mobile


  1. The Export Data button is available on all load views. The Shipper or Carrier can export all the loads in the view, loads within a date range, or selected loads.
    • You can either export all (no loads selected on the load view) or a selection of loads (relevant loads selected on the load view). See screen capture below.
  2. Click on Export Data on the top right of the screen.
  3. Select the file type to Export as: .xlsx or .csv.
  4. Select whether to Download the file to your computer or to Send to Email. 
  5. If Date Range is checked, only loads within the date range will be exported.
  6. Click Export Loads to export the data.

Exporting Selected Loads




  • Columns and rows don't export in the same order as on your screen.
  • Drivers cannot export loads.
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