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 Shipper Administrators

Apps: Web 

App Version: 3.4



  • How to Remove a Shipper User.
  • How to Add a Shipper User.

As a Shipper Admin, I would like to remove Shipper Users. As an example, an employee who is a Shipper User, moves to a different part of the organization. Thus, they no longer require access to Roger, so I would like to Remove them.   

Removing Shipper User

  1. Go to the Users Tab.
  2. Click on the green checkbox next to the associated Shipper User.
  3. Click on Delete.mceclip0.png

Adding Shipper Users

Only Shipper Admins can add new Shipper Users. If you are a new to your company and need access to Roger, you will need to contact one of the Shipper Admins for your company.

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