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  • Remove Shipper Users
  • Difference between a Shipper User and Shipper Admin

As a Shipper Admin, I would like to remove Shipper Users/Admins. As an example, an employee who is a either Shipper User or a Shipper Admin, moves to a different part of the organization. Thus, they no longer require access to Roger, so I would like to Remove them.   

Removing Shipper User/Admin

  1. Go to the Users Tab on the Roger Command Center
  2. Click on the green checkbox next to the associated Shipper and a red Delete button will show up at the top left of the screen
  3. Click on Delete to delete the Shipper Admin/Shipper Usermceclip0.png

Shipper User vs. Shipper Admins

Learn more about the differences between Shipper Users and Shipper Admins 

Click here

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