Shipper User vs. Shipper Admin


Apps: Web App Version: 2.6



  • Difference Between a Shipper User and Shipper Admin
  • How to check if a user is a Shipper User/Shipper Admin

Shipper User vs. Shipper Admins

Both Shipper Admins and Shipper Users have the ability to create, dispatch, edit and approve loads. However, Shipper Admins have the following additional abilities, that Shipper Users do not: 

  • Invite new Shipper Users to Roger
  • Invite new Shipper Admins to Roger
  • Change Shipper User to Admin
  • Change Shipper Admin to User 
  • Edit Shipper User and Admin information

Checking Shipper User Type

To tell if a Shipper is a Shipper User or Shipper Admin. Go to the Users tab on the web interface and look at the Role cell for the associated user. 


In this example, Bob is a Shipper User and Gabe is a Shipper Admin

Want to learn more about different roles in Roger? 

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