Add a new load


 Apps: Web, iOS, Android App Version: 1.4.1


  • Steps to add a new load
  • Descriptions of fields 

As a Carrier, I would like to add new loads so that I can keep track of all my loads that I transport for my Shippers

This guide will walk through how to add a new load on both the web command center and the Roger mobile app. 

Add a New Load

Web Mobile


  1. First login to the Roger Command Center and go to the Loads tab
  2. Click on the green Add a New Load button at the top right of the screen
  3. The load screen will appear. Enter in the necessary information for the load and click save. (There is no minimum amount of information that needs to be filled out for the load to be saved) 



Description of Fields


See below for descriptions of some of the fields mentioned in this guide. 

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