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  • Make Shippers Active/Inactive

As a Carrier, I will have situations where I no longer work with a Off-Platform Shipper. I want to be able to deactivate this shipper so that the company doesn't show up when I go to select a Shipper for my new loads. 

An Off-Platform Shipper is a shipper that has not yet joined the Roger community. If you have an off-platform shipper, please encourage the shipper to contact Roger customer service and join the platform.

Carriers can use both Web and Mobile instructions


  • Roger Shippers(mceclip4.png) cannot be made inactive
  • Carriers cannot delete/remove any type of shippers 

Make Shippers Active/Inactive

Web Mobile


  1. Login to the Roger web interface and go to the Shippers tab. This tab displays all the shippers that the carrier works with. 
  2. Find the shipper that needs to be made Inactive or Active again
  3. Click on the Status cell for the associated shipper and change the status to Active/Inactive
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