Column Customization

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 Apps: Web App Version: 1.4.1


  • Changing order of the columns
  • Using side bar menu to change order
  • Pinning Columns
  • Hiding/Unhiding Columns
  • Autosize Columns

I would like to setup my Roger web command center to my preferred column order. I would also like to pin certain columns so that I can always see that information without having to scroll through the table. 

This guide will walk through how to change the order of the columns and how to pin columns.  All of these customization will be saved even if the user navigates away to a different view or window. Column customizations can be performed on any of the table views. For example. the Loads Open tab and the Users tab.  

Change Column Order


  • To change the order of the columns, click, hold and drag the column header to the desired spot 

Use Sidebar Menu to Change Column Order


  • Click the Columns button on the right side of the roger web command center. This will open up a list of all the columns.
  • Click, hold and drag the column name to the desired spot. This will update the main table view. 

Pin Columns


  • Pinning a column allows the user to always see key information as the user scrolls left or right
  • To pin a column on the left or the right side, drag the desired column to the leftmost/rightmost portion of the Roger command center. This is similar to the "Freeze Panes" feature in Excel. Make sure to drag the column to the left or right of the solid vertical bar 
  • The hamburger menu (mceclip0.png), located at the right edge of the column header can also be used to pin columns. The menu only shows up when you hover over the column header. The menu will have the following options, as shown in the image below: 
    • Pin Left
    • Pin Right
    • No Pin


Hide/Unhide Columns


  • Click the Columns button on the right side of the Roger web command center. This will open up a list of all the columns.
  • Click the on the checkbox with a green arrow to hide the column.
  • Click on a blank check-box to unhide the column. This will update the main table view. 

Autosize Columns

  • Autosizing the column adjusts the column width to fit the data in the cells. For example, if a cell has a really long name, then autosizing the column will enable all of the data to show up in the table view. 
  • There are two ways to Autosize a column 

Method 1:


  • Hover over the column header, which will display the hamburger menu
  • Click on the menu and there will be options to Autosize This column or to Autosize all Columns. Autosize all columns will adjust all of the column sizes in the current tab.

Method 2:


  • Drag the line to the right of the column header to adjust the size of the column, as shown in the gif above. 
  • Double clicking the line will adjust the column size to fit the data in the cells (autosize)
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