Resend or Cancel an Invitation


Apps: Web, iOS, Android 

App Version: 3.8



  • How to resend an invitation to a Carrier or Driver user.
  • How to cancel an invitation for a Carrier or Driver user.

As a Carrier admin, I can resend or cancel invitations. This guide will show you how to resend or cancel an invitation.

Resending/Cancelling Invitations

Carriers can use both Web and Mobile instructions. 

Web Mobile
  1. Go to the Users tab. This tab displays all the carriers and drivers within the entity.
  2. Select Invites Sent.
  3. Find the Carrier/Driver
  4. In order to resend an invitation, click the mceclip0.png button for the associated Carrier/Driver. To cancel the invite, click on the mceclip1.png button.




  • If the Carrier resends an invitation, the invited User will have to register from the new email or text message link. If they try to register via the old invite, they won't be able to gain access because the link will be invalid.
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