Add an Off-Platform Shipper


Apps: Web, iOS, Android 

App Version: 2.7



  • Add a Shipper

I want to add an Off-Platform Shippers to the Roger system so I can submit invoices to them. 

An Off-Platform Shipper is a shipper that has not yet joined the Roger community. If you have an off-platform shipper, please encourage the shipper to contact Roger customer service and join the platform.

This guide will walk through how to add a shipper on both the Roger web command center and the Roger mobile app.  



  • Carriers cannot add/edit/delete Roger Shippers (mceclip4.png)
  • Carriers cannot delete/remove Off-Platform Shippers 
  • Carriers are able to make off-platform shippers active/inactive after they have been added. Click here to learn how to do that


Adding a Shipper

Web  Mobile


  1. Go to the Shippers tab.
  2. Click Add a Shipper.
  3. Enter Shipper Name and Billing Email and click Add. This Shipper can now be selected when creating a load.


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