Add New Shipper Contact


Apps: Web 

App Version: 3.8



  • How to add a Shipper contact.

I want to designate a person as a primary contact for loads. I want Shipper Users, Carriers, and Drivers to be able to select this new contact when they create a new load or edit a load.

Add Shipper Contact


  1. Go to the Shipper Contacts tab.  
  2. Click the green Add a Contact button at the top right of the screen.
  3. Fill in the information and click Add.


  • Only the Name field is required to add a Shipper Contact.
  • Adding a Shipper Contact with email or phone does not give this contact access to Roger. The Shipper Contacts tab governs what shows up on the Shipper Contact drop-down list for that Shipper.
  • The phone and email are for reference only.
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