Make Shipper Contacts Inactive/Active


Apps: Web App Version: 2.6



  • Make Shippers Contacts Active/Inactive

As a Shipper, I will have situations where one of my shipper contacts is no longer active or might have moved to a different group. I want to be able to deactivate this Shipper Contact so that the contact doesn't show up when I go to select them for adding new loads.  

Make Shipper Contacts Active/Inactive

  1. Login to the Roger web interface and go to the Shippers Contacts tab.  
  2. Find the shipper contact that needs to be made Inactive or Active again
  3. Click on the Status cell for the associated shipper contact and change the status to Active/Inactive



  • The Users tab shows who has access to the system. The Shipper Contacts tab governs what shows up on the "Shipper Contact" drop-down list for that shipper when a load is filled out. 
  • Adding a new Shipper User/Admin or removing users must be done under the Users tab.
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