Change User Role (Carrier, Driver Full, and Driver Limited)


Apps: Web, iOS, Android 

App Version: 3.4



  • Types of user roles.
  • Steps to change user role.


Want to learn more about the different roles on Roger?

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As a Carrier, I would like to change user roles.

The guide walks through changing the user role. 

Changing User Role

Web Mobile
  1. Go to the Users tab.
  2. Find the User that needs the Role change.mceclip0.png
  3. Click on the Role cell for the User and change it to either Driver Full or Driver Limited or to Carrier.mceclip1.png




  • As a Carrier, you cannot change your own role. Another user would have to change your role. 
  • These changes can be reverted.
  • Drivers can not change roles for themselves or other users.
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