Change User Role (Carrier, Driver Full, Driver Limited)


Apps: Web, iOS, Android App Version: 2.6



  • Types of Profiles
  • Steps to change user role

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As a Carrier, I would like to change one of my drivers to a carrier role to be able to submit loads. An example of this would be if the I am out on vacation and another person is filling in, who is normally a driver, they need to be able to submit loads for the time being. 

Another example would be to change the permissions of the driver, from being able to view/edit rates (Driver Full) to not being able to view rates (Drive Limited).

The guide walks through the process of changing the user type. 

Changing User Role

Web Mobile
  1. First login to the Roger web interface
  2. Go to the Users tab 
  3. Find the User that needs the Role changemceclip0.png
  4. Click on the Role cell for the User and change it to either (Driver (Full), Driver (Limited) or Carrier)mceclip1.png




  • As a carrier, you are unable to change your own role. Another user would have to change your role. 
  • These changes can be reverted
  • Drivers do not have the ability to change roles for themselves or other users
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