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As a Roger user, I may want to filter for Loads that meet certain criteria. For example, I want to see loads that only have the Commodity Corn or I want to filter for loads that were submitted between two dates. 

The Roger app makes filtering easy and this guide will walk through how filtering works.

Filtering Loads

  1. Login to the Roger app and go to the tab where the filter will be applied (Open, Submitted, or Paid). Each tab can have a different filter applied to it. Drivers will not see the Paid tab. 
  2. Tap on the filter icon mceclip0.png at the top right of the screen.  
  3. The following Filter Loads page will appear. Tap on the field that filter will be applied on. This will result in different outcomes based on the type of field that was selected.                                                                                                                                       mceclip6.png                                                                                                                       


    Here are the types of fields that the user can filter on: 

    • Text Fields(Commodity, Driver, Invoice Number)
    • Date Fields(Load Date, Submitted Date) 

    Here are some examples of how these fields work: 

    • If the user selected Driver, which is a text field. Then the user will be taken to another screen where they can select which driver's loads to make visible.
    • If the user selects Load Date, which is a date field. The user is prompted with two entry boxes to indicate the earliest date to include and the latest date to include. Loads with Load Dates that fall in this range will be visible on the tab. 

    Multiple Filters can be performed at once. For example, the user can filter on the Driver, Load Date and Paid Date fields all at once. 

  4. Once the necessary field(s) have been selected, tap on the green Apply Filter button on the bottom of the screen
  5. This will take the user back to the tab and the tab will only show loads that apply to the filter 
  6. Notice the filter icon mceclip4.png will change to a green color, indicating that a filter has been applied on this tab.  

No Value

In some cases, users will see "No Value" appear for Text fields. "No Value" will only appear if one of the loads in your tab has a blank or is empty for that particular Text field 

Checking the box for "No Value" makes Loads that have no value for that particular field visible. As an example. if the user wants to filter on the Invoice Number, and user selects "No Value" then all loads that have no value for the invoice number field will be visible on their loads tab. 

Important: Filters Remain Until Cleared

Even if the user logs out and logs back into mobile, the filters remain until cleared. See the next section on how to clear filters. 

Clearing Filters

  1. To clear a filter, tap on the filter icon mceclip4.png. This will lead to the Filter Loads Page
  2. The user can either un-check the box where the filter has been applied or to clear all filters tap on the green Clear button at the top right of the screen.


As show in the image below, selected filters will have a green check box and values being filtered will be displayed below.


Available Fields to apply Filters

The tables below describes which fields can be used as filters on the Roger App.


The filters available on these tabs are based on the load data that the user has in their list. For example. if the Carrier has no paid loads there will be no paid date in the filter.

Drivers (Limited)

Tab Fields
Open  Commodity, Load Date, Number of Images 
Submitted Commodity, Load Date, Number of Images 

Drivers (Full) 

Tab Fields
Open  Commodity, Load Date, Number of Images

Commodity, Load Date, Number of Images 


Tab Fields
Open  Driver, Commodity, Shipper, Load Date, Number of Images 

Driver, Commodity, Shipper, Load Date, Submitted Date

Invoice Number, Number of Images


Driver, Commodity, Shipper, Load Date, Submitted Date

Invoice Number, Number of Images, Paid Date, Payment Number


These fields will be different from what can be filtered on the Web Interface for Carriers.

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