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 Apps: Web, iOS, Android App Version: 1.4.1


  • Steps to delete a load on Web and Mobile
  • Types of Loads that cannot be deleted

As a carrier, I have created a load but decided that I no longer need to transport this load. I would like to delete this load from my loads view. 

The guide walks through the process of deleting loads on the web and mobile interface 

Deleting Loads

Web Mobile
  1. First login to the Roger web interface
  2. Find the load(s) that needs to be deleted. See next section on what types of loads can't be deleted
  3. Select the green checkbox next to the load(s) and then click the Delete button. Multiple loads can be deleted at once. 




  • On the web interface the carrier can delete multiple loads at a time. However, on the mobile app the loads can only be deleted one at a time. 
  • Loads that are in Returned status can be deleted by the Carrier. Returned loads are available to be deleted in cases like the carrier submitting the load to the wrong Shipper or carrier submitting duplicate loads. 

Loads that cannot be deleted

The following types of loads cannot be deleted

  • Loads that have been Dispatched to the carrier by a shipper
  • Loads that are in Submitted Status
  • Loads that are in Paid Status
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