Declining Loads


Apps: Web, iOS, Android App Version: 2.6



  • Steps to decline a load on Web and Mobile

As a Carrier, I have certain capacity of trucks and drivers to transport loads for my Shippers. If a Shipper assigns me loads that I am unable to transport, I would like to Decline the load.

The guide walks through the process of declining loads on the web and mobile interface 

Declining Loads

Web Mobile
  1. First login to the Roger web interface
  2. Find the load(s) that needs to be Declined. These loads will appear in the Open loads view 
  3. Select the Green Checkbox next to the load(s) and then click the red Decline button. Multiple loads can be declined at once. 




On the web interface the Carrier can Decline multiple loads at a time. However, on the mobile app the loads can only be declined one at a time. 

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