Required Fields for Dispatching a Load to a Carrier


Apps: Web 

App Version: 3.8


  • Fields required to dispatch a load to a Carrier.
  • How to dispatch on the web.
  • How to dispatch multiple Loads at once.

In your Loads dashboard, you can create, schedule, and dispatch loads to Carriers.

The following fields are Required to Dispatch a load:

  • Shipper Contact. This is who can be contacted if there are questions about the Load.
  • Carrier: The company handling the load's transportation. If you do not see the Carrier, you will have to invite the Carrier to Roger.

Dispatching Loads

Loads can be dispatched on the load form by clicking Dispatch as shown below. Dispatching the load sends the Load to the specific carrier to complete.



You can also save Loads to your Schedule view, so you can dispatch the Load later.

Multiple Loads can be dispatched at once via the Schedule View, as shown below. Select the Loads that you would like to dispatch by clicking the green checkbox. Then click the Dispatch button that appears on the top left.


 Once you click Dispatch the Load(s), they will move to the Open Loads view.


The rest of the fields below are Optional for dispatching a load to the Carrier.

  • Date: Date the freight will be moved.
  • Commodity: This is the commodity that will be moved (Barley, Corn, Bone Meal etc.).
  • Origin: The physical location where the load is being picked up from.
  • Destination: The physical location where the load will be delivered to.
    • Both Origin and Destination must be Geo-Located within the Roger Platform to submit.
  • Rate: The amount of a charge or payment with reference to some basis of calculation. For example, if the Rate UoM is pounds. This Rate value would represent $/pound.
  • Rate UoM (Rate Unit of Measure): This field corresponds with the rate field. A unit of measure is defined as a standard unit by which a quantity is accounted for and expressed.
  • Shipper Notes: Enter any additional notes.
  • Internal notes: Internal view only.
  • Load #: Tracking number assigned to the load.
  • Unload #: Tracking number assigned to the load at destination.
  • BOL #: Bill of Lading Number. A bill of lading is a document issued by a carrier to acknowledge receipt of cargo for shipment.
  • PO#: Purchase Order Number. Internal Purchase Order number that shipper users use to track loads.
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