Roles in Roger

 Shippers, Carriers, Drivers(Full,Limited)

 Apps: Web, iOS, Android App Version: 1.4.1


  • Shipper Role
  • Carrier Role
  • Driver Role

Roles in Roger

I am either a shipper, carrier or a driver. I am curious to learn how I fit into the Roger platform. See tabs below explaining the different roles in Roger. 

Shippers Carriers Drivers (Full) Drivers Limited
Definition: The Shippers are the entity requesting the commodity to be transported. As a Shipper I can create/edit, dispatch, return, and mark loads as paid. Shippers can work with multiple carriers. 

Access Granted by: Roger

Apps Used: Web

Primary Tasks:

  • Creates loads in system or through import
  • Dispatches loads
  • View Open loads
  • Edit/process Submitted loads
  • Return loads to carrier
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