How do Carriers join Roger?


 Apps: Web, iOS, Android App Version: 1.4.1


  • Joining Roger
  • How to accept an invitation from a shipper
  • Carrier Role within Roger

I am a Carrier company that would like to join Roger. This guide will walk me through the process.

Joining Roger

Carriers are companies that haul for shippers. There two ways that Carriers can join the Roger Platform:

  • A Carrier needs to be invited by a Shipper that is already on the Roger platform or, 
  • Roger directly invites a Carrier to join the platform 

Accepting an Invitation

Carriers will receive an email or a text when a Shipper contact (The person that the Carrier works with at the Shipper company) invites them. See below for a sample email from a shipper. Click Accept, to accept the invite. Then, fill out the following form and click Create Account.


A Carrier is able to use Roger either through a website or a mobile app. Once the account has been created go to the Roger Web Command Center or download the Roger App in the Google Play Store for Android Phones or the App Store for iOS to login. 

Type in the email and password and click Login. If you have forgotten the password, click the Forgot Password button, to receive an email to reset the password. 


What happens once a Carrier is on the Roger platform?

Once a Carrier accepts an invitation to join Roger, that Carrier account/entity within Roger is completely under the control of the Carrier. The Carrier has complete control on how to setup their account.  The Carrier can invite additional Carrier users and drivers (full and limited). 

Learn more about the Different Roles in Roger

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