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  • Editing a load in the Schedule view
  • What fields can be edited in the Schedule view

As a Shipper, I want to make changes to a load that I have scheduled. For example, I know that I will send a load out next week but do not know which type of commodity(Barley, Corn etc.) I will be sending out.

This guide will walk through how these kinds of changes can be made to a scheduled load. 



Scroll to the end of the guide to see what fields can and cannot be edited

Editing Load in Scheduled Status

  • Go to the web interface and go to the Schedule view in the Loads tab.  mceclip0.png  
  • Mouse over the load that needs to be Edited and click into the field that needs to be Changed, as shown below: 


  • In this example, the shipper double clicked the cell for the Origin and entered in “Nebraska”. This is how one can go in and add/update or remove data for loads in the schedule view.
  • Here is another example. Let’s say that I want to change the date that the load will be moved. I can just click on the Load Date and then a calendar view will pop up where I can update the date. This is shown in the image below:



Editable Fields

The following table shows what fields can be edited/updated in Scheduled status and which field cannot.


This list does not include carrier only, calculated or system generated fields.

Editable Fields Non-Editable Fields
Shipper Contact Status
Carrier Name Net Origin Wt.
Load Date Net Destination Wt.
# of Loads Hours
Origin Miles
Destination Adjustments
Rate Return Message
Rate UoM Orig. Scale Ticket #
Commodity Dest. Scale Ticket #
Shipper Notes  
Internal Notes  
Unload #  
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