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  • Editing a load in the Schedule view.
  • What fields can be edited in the Schedule view.

As a Shipper, I want to change a Load that I have scheduled. For example, I know I will send a Load out next week but do not know which type of Commodity (Barley, Corn etc.).

This guide will walk through how to edit a scheduled Load

Editing Loads in Scheduled Status

    1. Go to the Schedule view in the Loads tab.  mceclip0.png  
    2. Mouse over the load that needs to be Edited and click into the field that needs to be changed, as shown below:


    3. In this example, the Shipper double clicked the cell for the Origin and entered Nebraska.
    4. Here is another example. Let’s say that I want to change the date that the load will be moved. I can just click on the Load Date and then a calendar view will pop up where I can update the date. This is shown in the image below:


Editable Fields


This list does not include Carrier only, calculated, or system generated fields.

Editable Fields Non-Editable Fields
Shipper Contact Status
Carrier Name Net Origin Wt.
Load Date Net Destination Wt.
# of Loads Hours
Origin Miles
Destination Adjustments
Rate Return Message
Rate UoM Orig. Scale Ticket #
Commodity Dest. Scale Ticket #
Shipper Notes  
Internal Notes  
Unload #  
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