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  • How to invite a new user using the web interface.


Inviting a Carrier Inviting an Admin or Driver

As a Shipper, I want to add Carriers to the platform.

Watch a video version of this article. This document will walk through how to search for and add new carriers.

  1. Go to the Carriers tab.
  2. Click the green Add a Carrier button.mceclip0.png
  3. On the next screen, you can search the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Roger database for carriers by using the following fields: Carrier Name, MC#, DOT#, Contact Name, Mobile Phone, or Contact Email.



    Carrier Search

    You can choose your preferred search method by selecting one of these fields, or you can click the green Add Filter button to search using multiple fields. Carrier Name, MC#, and DOT# reference the FMSCA database. Contact Name, Mobile Phone, and Contact Email reference the Roger database. Here is a description of the different fields that are available to search with:

    • Carrier Name: The name of the carrier that you as the shipper will work with.
    • MC #: MC number identifies a carrier who transports regulated commodities for hire in interstate commerce.
    • DOT#: US DOT number identifies carriers operating in interstate commerce.
    • Contact Name: The person who is the point of contact at the specific carrier.
    • Mobile Phone: The phone number of the associated contact at the carrier.
    • Contact Email: The email of the associated contact at a specific carrier.
  4. Click Search and a list of carriers that meet the criteria will appear, as shown below. Click the option button next to the carrier you wish to add and then click Next.



    If you do not see the carrier you want to add, click Add Carrier Not on the List. This will send the Carrier's information to the Roger team for review. 

  5. If you selected a carrier from the list, click Next. Fill in the following fields as applicable: Carrier reference #, Contact Name, Mobile Phone, or Contact Email. If you enter Mobile Phone and Contact Email, the invitation will be sent to both.



    • Carrier Reference #: This is a unique string of characters that helps the Shipper users identify Carrier users. It is primarily used as a common reference ID between Roger and other internal systems (eg. Accounting Systems). 
    • Contact Name: The name of the Carrier you will work with.
    • Mobile Phone: If you enter a phone number only, the Carrier will receive a text invitation to download the app. They will sign into the app by entering their phone number on the app login screen and receive a secure code via text each time. This is the best option for Carriers who do not prefer to use email.
    • Contact Email: If you enter an email address only or, in addition to the phone number, the carrier will receive the app registration invitation via email. They will be prompted to set up a password and to sign in using their email address and password going forward. This is the best option for Carriers who are uncomfortable with text or plan to use the web application.
  6. Click the Checkbox and then select Invite carrier. The Carrier will receive an invite via email or text, depending on what information you have entered.
  7. Once the invitation is sent, the Carrier will appear in the Carriers tab with Pending User Account showing Yes until they have accepted the invitation and completed the registration.mceclip5.png
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