Returning Loads to Carriers for Corrections


Apps: Web 

App Version: 3.8


  • How to return a submitted Load back to a Carrier.
  • How to add a return message.

As a Shipper, I noticed some errors in the Carrier’s submission. Before I approve the payment, I would like the Carrier to fix the issues and re-submit. This guide will walk through returning a Load to a Carrier.

Returning a Load

  1. Go to the Submitted tab and find the Load that needs correcting.
  2. Go to the Status column and change it to Returned in the drop-down menu.

  3. You will be prompted to enter a Return Load Message.

  4. Click Send.
  • The Carrier will receive a notification for a returned Load.
  • Once the Load is resubmitted by the Carrier, the Load will re-appear in the Shipper's Submitted tab.
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