Return a Load back to Carrier


Apps: Web App Version: 2.6



  • Return a submitted load back to a carrier
  • Informing the carrier the reason via a return message

I, as the Shipper, notice some errors in the carrier’s submission. Before I can approve the payment, I would like the carrier to fix the issues and re-submit. This guide will walk through how this process is done.

Returning a Load

  1. First login to your the Roger web interface
  2. Go to the Submitted loads tab and find the load that needs to be returned
  3. Go to the Status column and change it to Returned in the drop down menu for that associated load                                                                                                               mceclip0.png                       
  4. User will then be prompted with a Return Load Message, as shown below.
  5. Leave a message to the carrier on what they should fix and click Sendmceclip1.png
  • The carrier will be notified of the returned message and can make the necessary corrections and resubmit
  • Once load is resubmitted by the carrier , the load will re-appear in the Shipper's Submitted tab


Once the page is refreshed, the associated Returned load will move from the Submitted view to the Open Loads view.

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